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Max Ernst ( German, b. 1891 - d. 1976 )

Max Ernst (b. 1891 - d. 1976)
German artist, Max Ernst, served in the army for his country only to return home from the First World War disillusioned by the atrocities of the war and the barbarism of society.  He began to see logic and reason as the two leading factors that caused the conflict, and adopted ideas of anarchy and irrationality instead.  In 1920, he and Hans Arp began the Cologne Dada group, radically protesting against the values of the bourgeoisie that he felt were responsible for the war.  Ernst was then invited to France by the head of the Parisian Surrealist group, André Breton. While living in Paris, he befriended Tristan Tzara and became one of the leading members of the Surrealists until he left the movement in 1938. Ernst was then interned in a French prison camp in 1939 on the accusation of spying. Upon his escape, he moved to New York City in 1941 and married the famous art collector, Peggy Guggenheim. Moved to Arizona with Dorothea Tanning in 1946. Max Ernst then sailed from New Orleans to Europe in 1949, and lived in Europe as a French citizen from 1958 on.