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Portrait of a Gentleman, Aged 37; And Portrait of a Lady, Aged 36 by FRANS HALS

FRANS HALS the Elder

(DUTCH, 1580 - 1666)

Portrait of a Gentleman, Aged 37; And Portrait of a Lady, Aged 36 , 1637






oil on canvas


36.61 in. (93.00 cm.) (height) by 26.97 in. (68.50 cm.) (width)




(2)the first inscribed and dated 'ÆTAT· SVÆ 37, / ANo 1637, ' (u.r.); the second inscribed and dated 'ÆTAT· SVÆ 36· / ANo·1637·' (u.l.)


Montreal, Art Association of Montreal, Inaugural Loan Exhibition of Paintings, December 1912, nos. 66 and 67. Montreal, Art Association of Montreal, A Selection from the Collection of Paintings of the Late Sir William van Home, K.C. M.G., 16 October-5 November 1933, nos. 30 and 31. Montreal, Art Association of Montreal, Loan Exhibition of Great Paintings: Five Centuries of Dutch Art, 9 March-9 April 1944, nos. 34 and 35. Amsterdam, The Rijksmuseum, on loan, 1973-1979. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University, The Fogg Art Museum, on loan, 1979-1986. Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, on loan, 1991-1996. Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, European Paintings from Private Collections of Friends of the Museum of Fine Arts, 17 June-16 August 1992, nos. 72 and 73.


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Comte de Thiènnes, Kasteel Rumbeke, Belgium, by whom acquired in the 19th century, and by descent to his granddaughter, Comtesse de Limburg-Stirum, Warmond, The Netherlands. M.E. van Gelder, Château Zeecrabbe, Uccle, Belgium, by 1911. Sir William van Horne (1843-1915), Montreal, by 1912, and by descent to his daughter, Miss Adaline van Horne, by 1936, by whom gifted to her niece by marriage, Mrs William van Horne, 14 June 1944 (according to a manuscript annotation in the copy of the 1944 exhibition catalogue kept at the Art Association of Montreal). with Wildenstein and Co., New York, from whom acquired in March 1973 by the following, Ambassador J. William Middendorf II (b. 1924). Anonymous sale [Property of an American Collector]; Sotheby’s, London, 8 December 1986, lots 52 and 53. with Noortman (Maastricht), 15 July 1998, from whom acquired. Anonymous sale [Property of a European Private Collector]; Sotheby’s, New York, 29 January 2009, lots 45 and 46 (withdrawn).

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