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Marketing Insight Tool

Interactive Market Insights Tool

Our new Interactive Insights Tool monitors, quantifies and gleans insights on the value of art by focusing on key data elements. This new scientific index is a proprietary decision support tool included with our new Premium Package Subscription. The Interactive Market Insights Tool is a benchmark decision support tool that provides key insights into the movement of the art markets to help explore new investment opportunities.

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Interactive Tool Features

Artist Price Index

Artist Sales Performance

Select the period (from and to year/month/week) for which you wish to see the total sale value trend. Select one or more artists (ideally 2 to 4) to compare the trend of total sales (in USD) and volume of sales for the selceted period.

Art Price Index

Artists Price Bands

For the selected artist, this graph shows the spread of sales between the cut-off lower and cut-off higher percentile for the selected period. The graph excludes the extreme (outlier) sales at both ends and focuses on the middle which can be adjusted using the cut-off lower and cut-off upper filters.

Art Price Index

Bought-Ins and Estimates

The first graph shows the volume of artworks offered at auctions and the percentage of bought-ins for the selected artist, period and auction house. The second graph shows the percentage of sold artworks that have exceeded the auction high estimates.

Art Price Index

Where are the Artists Selling?

This graph shows the top auction houses where the selected artist sells the most for the selected period. In the map, the geographical locations of sale are highlighted.

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Interactive Market Insights Tool

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